Alice Hawkes
Bridesmaid Video
August 29, 1987
This video will allow you to see Alice Hawkes in life only a few weeks before her murder.

On the evening of August 28, 1987 Alice attended the wedding rehersal.  She was a few minutes late having driven up from Portland, Maine. The video shows her happy and smiling as the wedding party rehearsed marching up and down the church aisle.

The complete wedding video - including the rehersal  - runs a little over an hour long. I was able to edit it and extract approximately twelve minutes of video with Alice in it for her family. Although the video clip below is very short it is an important part of this website.

need to thank and acknowledge the owners of the video.  Without their permission it would not be available to us.

Please note: This video is © Copyrighted 1987-2009 by the owners.  Any unauthorized use of it without written permission is a violation.

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